every dog has it's day

... I was just burning out the last of the green wood and
briars to make room for blueberries

... I raked big piles and burned alot of the pine needles,
but there was this stuff that just wouldn't burn without
adding some diesel oil

... but even with oil, this stuff just smoked out, like
it was coated with some fire retardant

... but there was a shallow hole, left by the collapsing grave
of a poor tortured dog, who my buddhist buddy saved from
a dumpster, after the dog was mangled badly by some big equipment,
and a neighbor summoned someone to put it out of it's misery

... my buddy called it piece-of-dog, cause that's all it was

... well, when I started burning in piece-of-dog's hole, it
took off like a blast furnace, instead of whimpering out, and
my burning problem was solved

... now I know it can be explained by the heat physics of a sand
lined pit, but that hole would not have been there,
for me to discover the trick, if it wasn't for piece-of-dog

... thanks piece-of-dog, for all the agony you went thru

... may you turn into the sweetest blueberries


2011 by zentara