what are we transcending here?

... there is all sorts of talk about transcendence,
and I consider myself a transcendent soul

... but what are we, and what is this thing called
transcendence? ... and what are we transcending?

... it's a fundamental question in a search for raison d'etre

... my best take on it, is that we see in our inner minds,
our own personal human thought space,
... and we are physically connected to a human body
... we are reminded daily of that connection, when we get thirsty, hungry,
and horny... we are basically animals... and creatures like T-Rex
would eat us for snacks in a different Time, just like we eat chickens

... our personal thought space is viewable by God, but not by
most other humans, except for certain psychic types
... although some people show their thoughts on their faces :-)

... so my personal subjective observation is that our sense of self,
in our human thought space, does not want to die when the body dies
... it wants to continue on
... this seeking of continuing existence, after death, is the seeking of transcendence

... I mathematically model it in my head, like this:

There are more than 4 dimensions, lets say a 5th dimension exists, and
it called thought space... it is the universe aware of itself

... it's the place people pray to, when they pray or ask for luck
... it is the Great Tao, the source of all action and flow

... our brain, or some say heart, is our connection to the self-aware
universe dimension, and we pick up the vibes as we live our lives

... the Great Tao flows like an invisible river thru all of us

... I propose the brain is like a psychic radio transceiver into the
dimension of pure conciousness... this is our 6th sense

... it lays down thoughts in the pure thought space, and they are
there for eternity in the akashic record

... that 6th sense can be cultivated and probably involves some
part of the brain that senses tachyons, or some odd string vibration,
which is beyond our medical understanding

... admitedly, the above is just my view, but you can compare it to
what you see in your own head

... life is mysterious indeed, since our science cannot explain the magic of Time

... are we seeking transcendence into a timeless world?

... it most certainly is a world of mass-free pure energy, whether
Time exists there is beyond my human anthropomorphic imagination

... see you there. :-)


2011 by zentara