whose your favorite president

... on president's day I think of a song playing
on NPR, with the lyrics
"I would rather be on my farm, than emperor of the world"

... a quote attribute to General George Washington when asked
if he wanted to be "king" after defeating the English

... it reminds me of the great scene in Band of Brothers where,
Easy Company leader Capt Winters muses at the end of the first day
of the D Day invasion, that if he survived the war, he would just go
to a quite peaceful farm and live a simple life
... he wanted nothing more than that

... the really great ones, are that way, it is the source of their luck

... but Washington is already along way into the past, and until I was
reminded of that quote, and the substantial difference it has made in
the world, I would have probably chosen Teddy Roosevelt as my favorite

... he's the kind of person you want, leading the charge of the Rough Riders

... but, even the relatively recent Teddy Roosevelt, is already out of date, in
a world of 6 billion, our Manifest Destiny has already happened

... what must the President of the future be?, a watchdog for the people?, making sure
the rights of the citizens are not being stomped on by mega-corporations?

... is he just supposed to make sure everyone is safe within their borders?

... the world is still at war, but its the perpetual economic war of free trade
... cities are being economically bombed out of existence, and we, the
survivors, just accept it like a slaughter of lambs
... but then again, America is the Nation of Sheep, but luckily, fortunately,
we have a fairly decent set of shepards

... what could we do to free ourselves of the continous need to relocate for work,
worry about medical insurance in a world of increasingly dangerous rat racing.

... what kind of changes do we need to stop this escalating pace toward fastlane burnout?

... the simple life, alot of free time, belt tightening, taking care of your
garden.... just what Washington, Winters, and Candide's Dr. PanGloss all conclude:
Stay home and take care of your garden.

... of course, for a testosterone driven male, charging up San Juan Hill still
sounds like fun :-)


2011 by zentara