a sudden full moon

... usually, I am keenly aware of when the next full moon is,
as I need to know when to watch out for craziness... both in me
and others :-)

... the moon does that to people

... but last night was a weird one, and I didn't know about the fullness
until a few hours before, thanks to a radio report
... I guess I can attribute my lack of foresight to either
the self-hypnotic trance of a long winter's cabin fever, or
possibly all the excruciatingly painful yard work I've been
doing on a blueberry patch

... first, late last night, for the first time, a cat was meowing outside
my bunk room window.... it was weird, like it wanted food or something
... how did it know I was there?... probably a smart cat
... maybe it was some spirit telling me something?
... maybe a horny princess trapped in a cats body? ... just calling for me :-0

... then this very early morning, I was outside, and there was a white glow
around the moon, fog settling in, and dead silence except for
what I take to be a sole screach owl about a half a mile a way
in the woods... it was spooky

... spooky because of the thought that the screeching was actually
eminating from a man eating beast in the distance, and I might be
... I had those thoughts because I just read a Bradbury short story
about ancient T-Rex hunting, and what magnificient creatures they
were, and, how mere bullets won't stop them

... but it could also be a big cat, like a man eating tiger, that would
tie in with the cat's easlier meowing

... was it a chupacabra? or a wild creature from space, coming down
to feast in the woods?... the Angel of Death Itself?

... I know up in the Arctic North, hungry polar bears wander and terrorize
townspeople looking for tasty human morsels

... or could it be the space zombies I saw in the movie the other day

... quick, better get in my shell, and hope that braver men than me,
check it out


2011 by zentara