the first gaggle of geese

... yesterday, the first natural sign of Spring's
arrival occurred, and haunted me enough, that I write about
it today

... I heard this faint honking, from afar, but couldn't
detect where from

... I look up, way off high up where the big birds soar,
and I see them, a gaggle of geese

... I don't know if they were geese, or not, but they
were waterfowl, and there were 100's of them, circling and
gathering, high up ... them's goose to me ;-)

... their collective honking could be heard clear as a bell,
and seemed like an alarm clock, an alarm clock for what?

... calling to all, it's time to head North, up to the clear
lake waters, lakes so numerous, and marshes so many, its like
duck heaven... its time to go

... having the gift of flight, is somewhat beyond our comprehension,
except to maybe free floating astronauts, and those with a great
imagination ;-)

... I had thought, and still sometimes do, that my funeral will
be a glorious sendoff of Skynard's FreeBird playing, as my giant
funeral pyre of scrub oak burns me to ashes, leaving my soul
free to float up to the surface of space, then to float free down
the cosmic river of Time, down to the Great Ocean, where the ancestors
have gone

... beware the honk of the Cosmic Goose


2011 by zentara