the rise of the superman?

... the revolutionary fever racing across the MidEast makes
me wonder, is this the birth of the Superman?

... where the spirit of mankind takes a giant step forward, and
transcends the chains holding them back

... repressed for so long, now free to bloom

... it is as if a change has come in the mass conciousness of all

... "I Awake", reasons the Superman, "but for what purpose?"

... the new breed of revolutionary seems to be in harmony with the world,
they are not just street rabble looking for free bread, but idealists

... typically, these are educated people who know that they can have
a better way of life, and they want it now, or at least they want to start
building it for their children.... a sense of hope for the future

... it took overpopulation to overwhelm the repressive regimes, since
no dictator can stand up to the sheer numbers of educated people and
baby-toting mothers, who want the clean orderly world promised by the Great One,
and will march into the face of the Army to get it

... well what now? There is not enough jobs in the world for all the
educated people the universites are cranking out

... I guess that leaves Research and Art, beautification of the region

... restore the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

... maybe become the world Mecca for genetic research, and actually help
create the incarnation of the Superman, but I caution, remember Frankenstein's creature

... personally, if I was a MidEastern person, I would ditch it
all and go back to a Bedouin lifestyle of tent living, camel milk, backyard gardens,
clean desert air, and lots of girl belly dancers

... it's quality, not quantity that counts,
and that's lesson number 1 for the Superman


2011 by zentara