tent city politics

... I've heard small news stories lately about the
sprawling tent cities, starting to popup in the less
populated areas out west

... I mean, in a free country, people should have a place
to freely be, to simply exist, without being silently taxed
by sky high rents

... so, I mean where you gonna go, what you going to do, when
you have no job, no health insurance, no money, and don't
particularly want to be a slave on the 9 to 5 treadmill, or in
this current race race world, the 24 hour treadmill

... so tent cities are going to popup, tents, converted vans,
2x4 and plastic shelters, housing sometimes whole desperate

... all trying to escape the invisible whip of Babylon, some
by free will, and others by destiny or fortune

... I guess the government has to intervene and take some control,
if the tent-towns are complete anarchy, and sewage and waste are
out of control

... but what about places where tent-town managers make sure there
are at least primitive waste disposal systems?
... probably the cheapest would be a rudimentary flush toilet grid,
which empties into a storage tank, which can be pumped out on a schedule
... but it could be as simple as 50 gallon drums filled with sawdust

... these could be above ground plastic grids
in the warmer areas of the country where tent cities are likely to occur
... I live outside, I know you don't want to tent thru N. Dakota winters,
but the lower sun belt states, and those warmed by the ocean,
make good tent city sites

... so, I mean a tent and a few picnic tables can raise a family

... people can live, very close to the land, and be happy, as long
as they feel secure in their location... have a feeling of home
... watch the kids in tent towns, they don't know any better

... I mean to be truly FREE, one must be given the opportunity
to go back to tribal tent living, so you don't need to get up
in the morning if you don't want to... what a luxery, eh?

... you would think the old conventional wisdom of go back to
school and apply yourself
would be the right choice, but
as you see the pension funds get decimated, and realize you
are too old to be hired anyways, what you going to do?
... Walmart only can use so many door greeters. :-)

... OK, so have hope. Even if the mortgage is forclosed, there
is always a place to go... a tent city, just right for you, is waitng
as a safety net.


2011 by zentara