the erg economy

... I saw a picture of my old highschool history teacher today,
and it reminded me of the school's motto...Noblesse Oblige

... so in honor of the excellent teaching I received from my
masters, I would like to throw my 2 cents in, on the matter of the economy,
and the measure of economic activity, the money

... I heard some talk today on the radio, about going back to
a gold coin standard

... nah, I don't see it, we left the gold standard for the
very reason we should not re-adopt gold as a monetary standard

... first, what can you do with it, that you can't do better or
cheaper otherwise without? So switching to the gold standard does
nothing but reward the hoarders of gold

... I will get right to my point

... If the world's monetary needs an overhaul, to make it equitable
and fair for all, lets do it once, and do it right

... it has been suggested before in talks of an energy economy, to
start valueing all labor and stuff in terms of it's pure energy
equivalent ... the smallest suitable unit being the erg in
metric notation.

... it also seems reasonable to use a unit that conforms well
to our scientific view of the world

... after all, math is the language of God, so why not use it?

... this way, instead of earning dollars onto your debit card,
you will accumulate energy... energy you can use to get things done,
swap for alternate forms of energy

... of course, an erg is very small, so we may as well have Mega ergs... Mergs :-)

... this way the world can settle down, because if you earn an erg, inflation
can't take it away, an erg is always an erg

... of course, one may have to work harder( or less hard ) for an erg than your forefathers,
but I guess that is in the luck of the draw in what epoch we were born into

... a country's wealth is measured by how many ergs they have available
in their land's resources, and a person's wealth will be in his erg debit card

... so there it is, in a world ruled by intelligent, forward thinking people,
energy is how you value things, so why not directly reflect this in the world currency?

... lets go right to energy, as the unit of currency... get paid in barrels of oil

... for weekend homework: compute how many ergs and Mergs in a barrel of oil


2011 by zentara