you may like the chinese now

... I heard a story on the radio a few days ago, where
the Chinese were passing a law that allowed parents to sue their
children, for disrespect and lack of support in later years

... the baby boomers grow old, snubbed by the young as worn out old units,
... facing a few final years in an underfunded, understaffed, nursing home
... that may be you or me, in a few years
... what kind of uproar would that kind of law cause here, in the US? :-)
... the health care debate would pale in comparison

... the Chinese have the wisdom of 5000 years built into their civilization
so who are we to question their wisdom?

... I think we have lost the concept of home, a place
where you can always crash, without worry, and even further,
knowing that your own children would take care of you in old age

... but the 2 worker families we have now, leave no one at
home to be an anchor, watchdog, cook, and cleanup lady for the place

... a home needs a house mother

... it was good like that when I was brought up, mama stayed at
home cleaning and cooking food from scratch

... that Ozzie and Harriet life died real fast though, I don't know what happened?

... I guess the women wanted more out of life, than to be a kept woman,
destined to be a house-mother, cook and sex toy for some jerk male ego :-)

... anyways, I have been forced to fly solo for so long, I don't
even know what it is like to live in the same room as another person

... I'm putting in my blueberry patch, without the love of my life with me
... whoever, and wherever she is
... somewhere across the sea? ... she waits on golden sands for me?

... somehwere a king sits without his queen, and the wind cries Mary

... I wonder if there are some nice Chineese cheery blossoms out there,
who need some fertilizing? I have plenty of BS :-)


2011 by zentara