the tale of 2 dogs

... in the chicken world, they call it pecking order

... in the dog world it's called alpha beta status

... anyways, so I live in a very rural place where
we have 2 male dogs, a magnificient male pit bull named Grizzly,
and a small, but very strong and fast min-pin named Red.

... Red was here first, but when Grizzly moved in,
Red was quickly demoted to the #2 beta dog, meaning that
it was understood that Grizzly could swallow Red in 2 bites

... being number #2 dog, meant the master ( me) could not pet
him on the head anymore, because if the #1 dog could see it,
this would be a great insult to his status as #1 dog
... dog politics, what you going to do?

... now Red was always smart enough to let run free,
he could be allowed in the kitchen ( as long as you had an eye on him )

... Grizzly, he was chained down most of the day, by a big
rope, and and black leather stud harness, which stradled his
massive chest... super-macho

... now, I always liked Red better... he is like an educated dog ;-)
... he would seem to look you in the eyes and be able to communicate
the situation with just a glance your way
... I used to pet Red when he was very young, and I knew he was
full of piss and vinegar, because at one point, he tried to intimidate
me with a snarling growl, like he was saying I rule around here.
One quick spray with the garden hose made him realize I possess great
magic which he does not understand.

... Grizzly on the other hand is pure brawn, with an 6th grade education
... he just looks forward to his next meal and defends his territory
... so for most of the time, Grizzly is tied up, because you can't
be sure what he will do
... when he does run free, it is batten down the hatches
... you could hit him with a garden hose, and he wouldn't even blink

... Red would just love to taunt Grizzly, as he as chained up
... he would run real fast thru Grizz's territory, and be out
of range before Grizz could respond
... sometimes Red would pick up Grizz's bone or food as he raced
thru his little rope defined territory, and take it just outside Grizz's
reach and start chewing on it like it was his own
... this greatly infuriated Grizz to the point of dejection, hopelessness,
and doggy-despair

... even when a female pit was brought into breed with Grizzly, Red was
in on the action
... the female was in heat and after Grizz was done the first mounting,
she was running free, chasing after Red
... so Red would run down into the woods with her, and Grizzly could only
cry like a baby since he couldn't break free of his ropes and exert
his male dominance over Red

... I guess Red wasn't tall enough to mount her anyways, but he tried
... jumping and hopping trying to breed with the 10 times bigger pitbull.

... anyways, so that is the setup for the scene which occurred yesterday

... I came outside, and Red ran right up to me, and wanted to be petted
like in the old pre-Grizzly days.... so I obliged

... uh oh, Grizzly saw it, he was off his rope, and the race was on

... Red was just like a greyhound, just running and weaving, just
fast enough that Grizzly couldn't catch him

... round and round the camp they go, until Grizzly, finally exhausted,
with all the futile running and chasing, stops and circles back to
intercept Red on his next orbit thru the camp
... Grizz shows some intelligence there

... but just as the unaware Red nearly runs right into Grizz, Red
dips his shoulders, puts on the afterburners, and before the hyperventilating
Grizz can respond, Red is gone out of strike distance... ninja dog

... I guess the lesson is, it dosn't pay to be the alpha dog

... I don't know about you, but I would rather be Red than Grizzly ;-)


2011 by zentara