if the whole world is going to hell, should I go with it?

... there comes a point in inner self-awakening, which
asks whether your soul thinks the human race is worth the trip

... I mean almost everyone talks about dying and going to
heaven, or some better place. As if this place (earth), were
somehow deficient in the happiness category.

... when I was young, I despised what I called the
great slut of the planet, Maya, and how she has seduced
us all into a life of doing work servicing the needs
of the planet, her planet

... succumbing to the illusions of Maya, was considered
the primary impediment to the attaining of enlightenment

... but now, as I am older and wiser, I see maybe not

... Maya, the goddess, serves a great purpose, and believe
it or not, IS working for the ultimate one God, whoever you call it.

... her primary purpose is to keep humans souls coming thru the world
... the secrets of how she does this is revealed in the Kama Sutra

... but what about all the injustice, suffering and wicked plotting
caused by humans who have spiritually degenerated, forgeting that
they are direct descendents of the God spirit?

... you know, all the ugly things humans do,
like kill and cheat on one another

... so... the earth is FUBAR'd now, mostly at the hands of a human race
gone out of control

... any little innocent kid born, is corrupted by the time
they are 8, taught by TV to get what they want, a perfect
little worker unit ready to be trained

... so, if you had to do it all over again, would you say
being a human on earth is a good trip?

... or would you asked to be sent to a better place?

... its a fundamental question everyone must soberly face and answer

... personally, I'm checking out
... don't get me wrong, I've had much fun and pleasure, and also
much suffering and pain
... when I add it all up, I don't regret the trip, but probably
would not want to do it again

... no earth reincarnation for me please, but while we are here,
lets have a good time as we dig our own graves :-)


2011 by zentara