taking stock of who I am

... on a dark rainy morning in my camp,
I wonder, what am I really?

... an old highschool football coach referred to us big guys
as big blobs of snot

... now, I'm beginning to agree

... if I think NOW, considering all the learning that I've had:
I am a sack of skin, with some bones to support it,
about 80% water,
flesh spawned from code stored in DNA,
which has somehow come into existence

... it has basic input and output holes, holes and areas for
sensors, and pleasure holes and many errogenous zones

... it basically runs itself, but it needs a guidance system,

... that guidance system is what I call me,
Western science says it is in the brain, but others, say
me exists in the heart

... me is not in total control

... the feedback system which the body uses to control me, is pain

... me listens to pain and will do whatever my powers be, to make
the pain go away

... me has become self-aware of existence, and wonders if there
more to existence than just working in the coal mines for Babylon

... even beyond that, what happens when the unit self-destructs due
to built-in planned obsolescense

... where does me go?

... I don't know about you, but all I can do is hope

... hope that the next world is indeed, Krishnaloka


2011 by zentara