at least there isn't any mosquitos when its cold :-)

... yesterday, on a forum, I recalled an NPR story
about the cruel torture used by the old czarist russians in
their Siberian gulags. ( I innacurrately said "soviet" gulags,
so, in the spirit of the pure Soviet Revolution, the czar's
had to go )Right ON! I saw Dr. Zhivago. :-)

... it reminded me of how bad mosquitos are :-(

... it was the czar's gulag, where an old woman witnessed
the cruel torture of tying men out, naked, to a tree all night,
in the mosquito infested siberian north

... where any uncovered skin is immediately swarmed by hundreds
of mosquitos

... she said: It didn't kill the men, it drove them mad, insane

... the old west had a similar horror,
being staked out for ants to eat you alive

... since I am a fearless thought warrior in my delusion of grandeur
... and not being one to avoid thinking a thought

... I think: What would that feel like? To be helplessly mini-raped
thousands, possbly millions of times per night, by tiny, almost
invisible little blood-sucking needles

... if you try to fight them off, you go insane
... so I guess eventually, you just have to give into it and accept
it as a transformation process, and allow the penetration
... your little mosquito lovers, coming to love you

... to love you, to transformation you into what? ... Mosquito Man?

... Mosquito Man, YUCK !!

... I wonder what mosquitos are good for, except to feed the fish?

... like maybe are they little flying blood sampling units, under
control of the Great Conciousness, who are routinely just sampling
all the earth mammalian blood, and sending reports back to Cosmic Central
about our current evolutionary state? Data sent thru proprietary psychic channels

... thats a weird thought, eh?, that mosquitos are an advanced biotech device

... personally, as a vegetarian karma minded person, I still say kill em all :-)

... maybe earth could use some bio-engineered Super Bat, that will fly all night
scouring the earth of mosquitos

... I can just see the story in the future, where man has finally found that
other planet which we can migrate to... a pure pristine world
... and a mosquito stowed away in some planet settler's rucksack,
gets loose and f*cks the whole planet up :-(

... what would a mosquito free world be like?


2011 by zentara