slowing down time with your mind

... as I watch the North getting pounded by ice and snow,
the storm of the century, I wonder what lesson the weather
god is trying to teach us?

... people are suddenly thrust out of the fast lane of
modern life, into a helpless position with no vehicle travel
allowed, and some with no electric power

... gone from the caffeinated ratrace of highway driving the
kids to school, to being stuck in the cold quiet deep snow and ice
... contemplating yourself freezing to death

... no take-out food, cigarettes nor booze unless you planned ahead

... how do you mentally adjust your conciousness to be happy in
such circumstances?
... when you are a racehorse ready to run, but are locked in a barn stall

... just slow down time, you can do it in your head

... instead of one zipping around inefficiently multitasking
with ipod earbuds synchronizing you to the 32 beats to the bar
of Babylon, one is forced to be still and listen to the quiet
thoughts in your head

... but you must be still, and quiet, like a cat, because these
thoughts are very slow, because they are from giant patterns,
whose changes we only feel in our subconcious mind

... but if you run too fast, these slow thoughts will appear to be
still, lifeless,and ignorable, so one must slow down to be able
to catch them

... they are your instincts and deepest deires, be friends with them

... oh yeah, how can you be happy in such a slow mindset?

... for one the sex is better :-)
... I wonder how many babies will be born 9 months from now? :-)

... your ESP gets better
... you will start to perceive subtle signals from the environment

... so what keeps the blinders on most of us?
... blinders which keep us from attaining true enlightenment?

... it seems we all fear death, instinctually,
... and we avoid thinking of thoughts which involve our deaths
... so we turn away from the thoughts of the big things, to avoid the
contemplation of our own demise and death

... how to overcome this?

... it helps to realize that you are already dead and gone at some
point in the relatively near future, so as soon as you quit fighting
that fact, you realize have nothing else to do except to shine as bright as you
can for the remaining time you have

... the imagination IS the third eye


2011 by zentara