the day the peacock died

... I emerge from a 2 day mystical trip of listening to Om chants
only to hear the peacock is dead.

... the good old beloved peacock, that greeted us before all the
first color TV broadcasts, before Walt Disney would come on, where
my first love Tinkerbell would flitter around splashing gold dust
on us

... dead, gone, or at least sold to someone who will turn it into a whore

... NBC is no more. It was bad enough when it was owned by a MI complex giant,
but now, it will be a full hooker on the street, parading glorious
images of the modern world, time sold to the highest bidder, doing
as many as tricks per day as she can, as she mindf*cks us for Babylon

... aaaah, at least I still have Tinkerbell, and they will have to pry
her from my cold dead hands
... you have to know her to understand why :-)

... It's not that its a big concern to me, I don't eat the meat
as I stopped watching TV anyways, so it really dosn't
affect me, but I'm just saying ;-)

... it is sort of the feeling that you would get from seeing
innocense being sold out, like looking the other way when you
hear or see a symbol of goodness from one's youth, being turning
into just another babylonian commodity

... like Whiter Shade of Pale being turned into a car commercial ;-(

... another symbol of American goodness and integrity down the drain, sniff

... scratch one peacock


2011 by zentara