i found my scapegoat

... you're a goddam biohazard

... you're a threat to modern civilization

... you're an odor repulsive to the gods

... you give the human race a bad name

... you're the breeding ground of everything repulsive

... you got bad wu wei

... yet, the gods let you exist... for what purpose?

... maybe for us to kick around, a sacrificial rat,

... coughing, belching, gagging motherf*cker

... I hope you die with all the misery you caused others
with your sick ass existence

... oh, yeah, before I end,
....die! mofo die! cough and gag till you quit
squirming, you stinkin non-edible worm

... dear God, please put that stinkin chain smokin alcoholic waste of
spacetime back into the black hole

... and I hope the black hole don't gag, f*ck, by now even your
atoms are comtaminated with your putrid essence


2011 by zentara