slaves to the material world

... in the spirit of MLK, and freedom, I muse to myself, am I really free?

... has anyone on earth, ever been truly free of the slavery to our material nature?

... we need water, air, food, warmth, and physical companionship in our present
material bodies ... otherwise we start bitchin

... all of us, even the richest and most powerful amoung us, cannot
escape the need to breathe, eat, and discard waste

... we are all slaves to the material world and the web of life, like it or not

... the true freedom we all seek in our subconcious dreams and desires,
is to be free of the pain, suffering, and death of existence on earth
... it is the dream world calling us back into the pool of conciousness

... yet, at the same time, our desire for the experience of earth, keeps us here,
suffering one more day, nursing our intoxicants, and hoping that mythical miracle
will come, to save us from our miserable existences

... it's depressing, knowing that old age is all that awaits the survivors of the battles of our
moment-2-moment lives on earth

... but we want truth, and that is the truth, and the truth is depressing
because it involves you dying eventually

... the gods and goddesses can seem very cruel, not only holding us slaves
in the material realms, but torturing us with chronic pains and mental agonies
... there must be a purpose for all this

... I was told I could live as long as I could handle the pain, and that seems
like torture, but it isn't
... it was the only sure way to get me to relinquish the control I have over
this body
... God just wants to make sure I don't stick around on earth too long. :-)
... eventually, I would beg God for release

... have you ever just wished to dissolve away into nothingness? Your atoms, and
all the patterns called you, just taken away by cosmic Entropy, and recycled
into the great Void? Recycled into the Ultimate Heat Sink for all events, ideas, and karma
as Time ebbs and flows like the tide and waves of the Great Cosmic Sea

... I hope you make that wish, because it is going to come true for ALL
... we ALL eventually go home again

... sailors and surfers on the Great Cosmic Sea coming ashore on Earth


2011 by zentara