Reality 101

... i heard a discussion today about teaching schoolkids reality,
in order to prepare them for a happy life

... as it is now, we teach them to read and write, but fail to
give them a proper psychological framework, so that they
can deal with a future of desires and failed desires

... but what is it that they should be prepared for?

... how to deal with getting fat, old and no longer sexually desirable?

... how to handle cravings?... how to handle rejection and infidelity?

... is it Ok to use sex toys

... how to handle the inevitable failures in life, which the TV turns
into YOUR inadequacies, so you buy their products

... how to handle it when we see other creatures suffer?

... how to survive on earth with 9 billion people
... self-aware recognition that each of us die and suffer

... yes DIE, and have you thought about it?

... entropy takes us all with time

... we all dissolve materially, and when that happens,
have you prepared your non-material essence for survival
on the next level up in the evolutionary chain?

... are UFO's real?

... how to survive on the streets, in case you can't afford
the sky-high rents

... observe the fact that many will have a life
of chronic suffering, of one form or another
...chronic suffering until you die, is quite common

... can you be sane when caught between the desire for a pain-releasing death,
and the instinct for self-preservation?

... what exactly is happiness?, and how do I get it without money?

... I'll Volunteer teach on Thursday afternoons, whatever day
they have chocolate bean brownies in the cafeteria :-)


2011 by zentara