the anti-entropic life force

... continuing on from yesterday's musings about
Intelligent Design being quite similar to the Buddhist concept
of Conciousness seeking form

... I wanted to bring up an idea that Buckminster Fuller,
(geodesic dome originator) wrote in one of his books, No More
Second Hand God, IIRC.

... It regards an apparent violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics called Entropy.
.... Entropy says things tend to go toward a more random, disorderly, low information state

.... entropy is the tendency for information to decay into the background noise
.... it is sort of a hidden friction builtin to the material world
.... at it's most horrifying, its like the Langoliers in the Stephen King novel,
creatures that eatup and recycle all the old spacetime left behind by
those racing thru the Present moment
... at it's most benign, its the reason things get cold
... it's the great Void, which sinks our energy sources
... it is beyond Absolute Zero

... Yet, with all this entropy and disorder hitting us, somehow, life
has found a way, to bring Order out of this chaos, until we sit here
and ponder it

... Fuller said that in this dualistic material universe, entropy
would have a corresponding property of anti-entropy

... Fuller suggested that anti-entropy IS the mysterious thing
which we call the life force

... Anti-entropy would be a force that brings Order from dIsORrDEr, it causes
bonds to occur, molecules to form, reproducing, until eventually, the DNA
becomes aware of itself

... are we just DNA who has finally become aware of itself?
... Conciousness attaining Form?

... I was trying to think back along my DNA chain, way back into
Roman and even pre-Greek times, who was carrying the DNA patterns
which I carry today?

.... DNA is sort of a Time transcending string of atomic patterns

... does God actually look like a DNA string?
... Or, is the DNA string, the best form for God to manifest
itself in the material world of atoms?

... is it Time trying to merge with Space, to achieve "Spatial Continuity"?
... Time impregnating Space with patterns
... patterns which have become self-aware

... if you understand what I just said, you are crazy too :-)


2011 by zentara