the God of the gaps

... heard a NPR radio show today, discussing God

... the concept of the God of the gaps, the concept
where God is only controlling that part of reality
which still seems magical to us
... in that gap, where science can't explain all observations
... we ascribe to so-called natural laws everything
we do understand, no longer needing God there anymore

... so God( in our weird mass conciousness notion ) is
relegated to working magic thru Time

... we still can't understand what Time actually is

... if you want to go Zen, Time is like riding a giant
wave thru the ocean of event sequences ... like your
being is actually riding on a cosmic surfboard, and you
are just catching waves and riding them.. the sport of Kings
... some times the waves are good, sometimes not
... each instant allows us to alter our position in the flow
... sometimes by just a bit of psychic luck

... luck, that brings us back to the raised question of
why God allows suffering in a world designed for our
spiritual enlightenment

... the answer is suffering is part of the material world
... one creature eats other creatures to survive
... minute bacteria battle giant wars in our guts

... there is Duality in the material world, and in this
dualistic universe, if there is pleasure, there is a counterbalancing
concept of suffering
... suffering and pleasure is all relative, further complicating
the problem.... what a dirtdog marine finds to be heaven, may
be the exact opposite of a princess's

... also consider this, what IF, just IF, dying and getting off this
planet was the greatest gift God could give to you
... God has this better place, in a pure energy universe, a universe
of a non-materialistic nature,
... the sooner you come, the sooner your suffering will be over
... maybe the good DO really die young, because they are spared the suffering of earth

... so now, what do you think of God? God wants you back NOW, but you need
to die to get there
... due to our sense of self-preservation, we say "no thanks God, I'll wait a awhile"

... so now God is in the position of keeping us all alive, in an increasingly
hostile earth environment, while not causing too much suffering for us,
as we overpopulate, overconsume, and overpollute

... is overpopulation, overconsumption, and overpollution God's doing?

... what's worse, everyone badmouths God for all the problems, which He
did not create

... according to Watts, Buddha says "this arises, that becomes", to
explain how karma works

... it's not so much a law, but a balancing act which the cosmos
does as it unfolds before us in the flow of Time, like a sloshing cosmic fluid

... the karmic equations must be balanced, sooner or later, even if
it requires souls to reincarnate many times

... so even though I suffer frozen fingers as I type this in my winter camp,
I gladly accept it as the dues I pay to experience the earth reality
... because the alternative violates the instinct for self preservation
... an instinct the Creator put into me from the beginning
... so the Creator wants me to stay alive as long as I desire to be alive

... it reminds me that Kurt Vonneget story, where God says to a lonely stranded
astronaut, "Consider how lucky you are. Look around you, at all the mud and muck,
that never got the chance to pull itself together, sit up, and take a look around.

... but hope can never die, because even with my last thought, I pray to Krishna
to accept me, bring me back into the pure energy universe of the non-dual state

... as to whether Intelligent Design is valid reasoning....

The first rule of Buddhism is
"Conciousness is an intrinisic property of the universe"

I believe further that
"Conciousness seeks form"
... and that corresponds to Intelligent Design in my view

... so in a very optimistic view, we are all just Conciousness trying
to manifest itself in an imperfect dualistic material universe
... and our own free wills are responsible for most of the suffering of humanity
... a wise soul will try to gain entry to the higher spiritual worlds
... and earth is just God's flower garden, and we were just meant to enjoy it,
pain, pleasure, suffering and all


2011 by zentara