second day of sleet

... huddled up in my sleeping bag, as ice coats everything
around me

.... I know you can easily survive this, so no worries

.... a big war hero died last night, Dick Winters, leader
of Easy Company, from Band of Brothers fame

... memories of the hell those guys went thru... it almost
feels like an old Black Forest winter in his honor

... well Time moves forward, and thank God for that, because
at least I know, that soooner or later, It will change

... ugh, at least this isn't SE Alaska, where it's like this
6 months per year ;-(
... one wouldn't last long outside in a kayak in this weather

... i wonder if it is possible to hibernate, like a bear, sort
of like sleeping for 2 week stretches, waking up occaisionally to
eat something
... maybe that would work for sending people to planets, where
long hibernation periods are needed
... sleep, wake up, eat tasty things, go back to sleep, until
the cold weather goes away

... could I get a NASA grant to study it? :-)

... am I stir crazy yet? ;-)


2011 by zentara