what time is it?

... in between these two Holiday weekends,
I can't even remember what day it is :-)

... then I listened to an Alan Watts statement that humans
see time from a very very self-delusional illusionary
standpoint, he says:
humans think the sun comes up because it is 6AM,
but, it is actually 6AM because the sun comes up

... our delusion is that the sun follows our predefined schedule

... that gets me thinking, as the arbitrarily, mythological
New Years Day comes up... where are we actually in the true
cosmic span of time?

... most scientists agree that the sun is roughly in the
good middle-aged years of it's burn cycle... it still
has at least 20 million years to go
... so, playing just the odds, earth will be around many
more millenium

... the earth has it's own ice age cycles, which by our
archeological diggings, show occur roughly every 10,000 years
... worrisomely, that one is up for renewal shortly, in other words,
an Ice Age is coming soon

... but an Ice Age is not a humanity killer, it may greatly
reduce the population though

... I also wonder, as we time spiral thru our local section
of the cosmos, what hidden, unknown, totatally unexpected
chaos awaits us?

... or maybe we spiral towards pure Goodness, and the
future is there for all who want it?... a good soft happy universe
instead of cold hard rock

... a happy ending to it all

... so as you think about the coming New Years, just
remember how cold it could really get
... and pray for a happy ending to it all


2010 by zentara