thanks St. Nick

... well this season's holiday spirit has been
right on so far

... it's great when Christmas Eve is on a Friday,
so you get 2 nice 3 day party weekends in a row

... and the Sunday gives you a day to recuperate
before the dreaded dead-cold start Monday morning comes

... I have a feeling this will be a 4 day work week for most
... as the partying will start at noon Friday, on New Years Eve

... the weather gods were good to us here, keeping
us on the warm side of this year's blizzard, but
the temps are dropping tonight, and the wind is blowing strong

... on a scale from 1 to 10, I give Christmas here a 9
on the Happiness Meter, thanks to
Krishna, Rama, Brahma, Allah, Jesus, Norse FairyTale God,et al,
for sending such good vibrations and happiness to the world,
and hopefully, for the coming New Years

... may the winds of happiness blow favorably for all who read this


2010 by zentara