mary christmas from walter mitty

.... a merry mary christmas to anyone hearing this
... I was Roman Catholic when young, and the old-timers,
they trained us well
... i was even an Altar Boy, for many years

... but things and beliefs have changed somewhat, as
I have seen more of the world

... now, it's more of a belief in the invisible world
of your imagination, and faith that the i world co-exists
right next to us in this instantaneous present
... parallel invisible worlds of all sorts, only limited by
your imagination

... that was the one good thing about early childhood delusions
thinking that Santa Claus was real

... it imprints into the child's mind the possibility of an
invisible world, a valuable gift, since almost everything
nowadays is done in the abstract world of thought space
... open those brain channels up, build the frontal cortex

... believing in fairies and fairytales may not be that far off course,
and may be right on the path to seeing how the invisible world
actually operates, and that knowledge may enhance your survival

... the Santa Tale has fully come new age

... for one, I've heard stories about reindeer on psychedelic mushrooms,
crazy northern societies getting stoned on mushrooms in the dark of
winter.... all cabin crazy and on psychadelic mushrooms, watching
their reindeer dance,
... for two, a story where Santa was actually a space alien,
sent here to collect info on earth, with a base under the ice,
at the North Pole, and he gets stranded on earth

... Winter celebrations have always been part of all tribes

... do you remember Mary Christmas? She was always the cute
girl who rode with Santa in the sleigh in the big Christmas
Day parades in the old days?
... yeah, she was always the hottest babe in town
... I guess, Mrs. Claus couldn't make it ;-)

... I love Mary Christmas, it's that red velvet suit, way better
than spending your day in a green velvet suit :-)

... how many schoolboy fantasies involve Sweet Mary?

... so, it's all about a belief in the invisible world
... who rules in your invisible world, and how it is run, is up to you
... and people all over the world argue about it
... I guess thats the downside of the belief in invisible worlds :-)

... anyways, may we all enjoy peace and tranquility for as long as
good conditions hold out, whichever God you say rules your invisible world

... because, the Ice Age is returning, Santa's Sled needs ice to glide on,
since his reindeer are all stoned and are grounded. :-)


2010 by zentara