jet lag and brain size

... well the truth came out today
... flying on jets affects the temporal lobe size in the human brain
... something in the hippocampus, gets affected, by flying fast

... I always suspected that flying wasn't good for you
... either it was the crashes, the high altitude radiation,
or now the psychological insults of security body groping
... but "shrinking brains" is almost Frankensteinian

... maybe this will make people take more trains instead
... or learn to fly slower :-)

... personally, I would rather take an 8 day trans-oceanic cruise
than a 12 hour ride in the uber-fast lane

... I wonder if there is something for the New Cosmology in this news?

... the observed effect is almost doubled, going to the East, as in going to the West,
and this suggests a correlation with the spin of the earth
... since the earth rotates around roughly 1000 miles per hour, that means
a plane travelling East at 1000 MPH would double your relativistic velocity,
whearas as plane travelling West at 1000MPH would essentially cancel it out

... consider the 1000 mark is just a easy-to-use value good for the equator, and that
in the more moderate latitudes, it might be around 600 MPH; this puts it into
the speed range of modern public jetliners

... I guess God designed us to walk, we can't blame Him for this now, can we?


2010 by zentara