your zoom level and the big synchro

... once in a great while, the mathematics of the universe
dictates that the moon glows red

... tonight is one of those conjunctions, when the winter solstice,
the full moon, and a full eclipse of the moon, all occur synchronistically

... the moon will be brownish red, at it's peak, in the darkest
hours of night, between 2 and 4

... makes you wonder if it's a biblical sign, or portends magic,
or if it is just like a cosmic mile marker, in the big river of Time

... from man's mathematical view, it is interesting because a truly
straight line gets created over a 8 minute section of space-time

... the last time it happened was almost 500 years ago,

... just thinking that thought, forces your Time zoom level
to readjust to a larger timespan, removing the daily blinders
which we call concentrating on the Present

... it sort of lifts you up to a Time level where the gods operate

... we as humans, are still mesmerized by the flow of Time

P.S. In the big flow of Time, it appears we may have reached the predicted mile marker
in Climate Change where the North Atlantic thermo-halo-cline failure has occurred,
as evidenced by Siberia like conditions, in England and Western Europe
... caused by melting glaciers in Greenland and the arctic


2010 by zentara