the spin

... I was thinking about the whirling dervishes yesterday,
... and I contemplated the source of the spinning's effect
on the spinner's psyche and soul

... as a dance, when I was younger, :-)
I used to spin in place on one leg, as if
running in a very tight circle
... one leg is your pivot, which you do a rotational hop on,
while the other leg provides rotational horsepower, pushing off
with every hop, to make the body spin

... your extended arms act as balance and give precise rotational
control, like an ice skater, pulling your arms in closer to your
spin axis, makes you spin faster

... with practice, you can get pretty fast with the spin, and
it becomes a question of maintaining balance
... further compounding the balance problem, is that you are spinning so
fast, that your eyes cannot lock onto things, to help give
you a balance thru visual cues
... it's all just a blur going by
... it helps, to shift perceptual reference frames, from the blur
going by, to something stationary with respect to your body

... so just hold your hands out, in front of you, touch your fingers together,
and stare at your joined hands as you rotate

... if done as a meditation, one quickly comes to realize that
with the world around the spinning you, being a blur, you
are forced to focus on your new spinning inertial reference frame

... you have switched perceptual reference frames, from the
stationary ordinary world, to your independent spinning world

... it is almost like you are shifting dimensions

... it's hard to explain, until you try it,
... and oh yeah, wear gloves,
because one tends to hit the ground while learning


2010 by zentara