warm weather, just in time for the solstice

... ahh, saved by warm wind of the overheated oceans

... the sister to the Ice Princess, the warm Ocean Wind, aka La Nina
blew in this morning, and saved me from her seductive sibling

... the chill of the last few days made this morning
seem like a warm spring day... at least it was above freezing

... the relative warmth, is so uplifting, it makes you want
crawl out of one's psychopsychotic inner foxhole, to see what
is going on in the world

... warm spells, let you stretch out those bones and tight muscles,
like a big body yawn of warm extensions... you know, that feeling
you get where you just want to hang like a monkey

... thats me, monkeyboy, reporting on the coming winter solstice
on earth, 2010....

... so even if the great gods of planetary gravity, deprive my spheroidal zone
of sunlight warmth, I can rely on La Nina to warm me occaisionally

... I see La Nina, so pretty and warm, and she wants to be with me,

thanks God, what a great gift


2010 by zentara