... I'm in the grasp of the Ice Princess, she wants me in her crystal kingdom

... she says: come dream eternal with me, in a frigid embrace

... sleep she says, sleep, sleep......sleeeeeep

... I've been feeling the urge to hibernate, with this cold weather

... like a bear, just curl up somewhere warm, not too cold, not too hot,
but just right, and sleep till the cold weather passes

... sleep and dream of embracing the ice princess
... ice is that magical substance whose crystalline
structure is less dense than it's more liquidity phase,
making it float when it freezes.... pure Creator magic

... but the ohm saved me, turning my heating pad into a magical
carpet ride of warmth

... the ohm, not to be comfused with Om (cap O m) or 0m (zero m),
is the resistance in the wire, which makes electric heating possible

... technically it is voltage divided by the current, the well known, and
tasty Ohm's Pie

... that's another pleasure of cold weather, it makes you hungry

... lucky me, my friend makes good french fries :-)


2010 by zentara