the howling wolf

... the cold wind is blowing hard and frigid today,
and this little piggy is hoping all the tarps and duct tape
hold up

... it makes me think of what we really need as frail human
entities in the material world

... at first, I would have said food or water,
but then.... maybe the most urgent need would be air?

... but as the wolf howls outside, I now see the primary need is heat

... I could hold my breath, and extend my existence for a few minutes,
but without heat, at absolute zero, you freeze instantly
... ouch!

... heat, warmth is what we need.... fortunately for us, by the Great Design
of the Great Creator, the planet is maintained at a temperature range
conducive to keeping our toes from freezing off
... this is done by the heat generated by the hot magma core of earth...
and by ocean's storing the sun's heat energy which freely falls upon earth

... can you imagine what the world would be like if God handed the
earth a yearly bill for the heat the sun provides?

... or what about being up in space, like in Apollo 13... space
is really cold like 300 degrees below 0

... eh, in that context, the howling wolf blowing outside today,
dosn't seem so bad at all.. :-)


2010 by zentara