the pitter patter of rain on the roof

... a rainy night in georgia, the pitter patter of
rain droplets, echoing off of the tarp covering my
humble abode

... it reminds me of an old song lyric,
the rain is on the roof
hurry hide butterfly
as clouds rush past my head
I know why... the sky outcries ... Om

... Om, the great goddess of existence,
the One who allows us to experience material reality
and have free pure water drop from the sky onto
our dirty faces

... and after the experiential experience
of smelling, tasting, feeling and touching Her
magnificent incarnation, we get to choose

... choose, choose what? ... we choose our
own future .... we become our own dreams and desires

... many see the choice as:
do I stay in the material world, or not

... but you may ask:
what is the material world, and can there be any other?
... that is a question of faith, faith in your own intuition

... experience it, and choose

... it's funny, an odd coincidence in context, that
Om (capital O m) could be written as 0m ( zero m )

... why odd?... because in the vast giant equation that
runs the cosmos, zero m means non-material

... it's a distinction layer, between the material and
spiritual world.... the spiritual world has no mass, zero m

... zero m, 0m, the non-material world


2010 by zentara