who are we?

... or what are we?
... a recent Ignoble prize winner's statement, that:
there are 6 trillion cells in your body, and only half
of them are actually part of a human
, the rest being
various bacteria and other stuff, that we conveniently psychologically
... we choose to ignore the existence of the symbiotic entities
which tie us into the web of life

... so who is in control of all this stuff, packed into the sack
of skin called you?

... are you?.. are you in control of your own body?...or are
you like the ship captain steering your body here and there, but
it's internal workings are taken care of by the crew of minutia,
over who, you have minimal control?

... you should treat the crew well, because without them, the ship
stalls, and needs repair

... another statement made, was that within all those various 6
trillion cells, is all the earth DNA ever coded

... that's right, each of us contains a complete set of all the
DNA code for earth life
... whether that DNA is in the right place, at the right time,
doing the right thing, is another story

... but at least it's there, and may be under the mind's control

... so today, every time you use the word I, think about
who I is, and who you are. :-)

... by the way, who are you?
... are you the little voice in your head that talks to itself?
... who who, who who


2010 by zentara