the peaches like it

... the cold weather finally reached my unheated trailer in southern georgia
... i can tell it is cold when the feet start getting numb, got down to 9 F
this morning
... but at least it is good for the peachtrees, from known horticultural wisdom

... so the dilemma .... is the suffering thru the cold, to gain the pleasures
of plentiful peaches, worth it?

... I say yes, I'm a food addddict. I recently asked myself what was more
pleasurable on earth... orgasms or eating food?

... I can't answer, even at my wise old age. ;-)

... honestly, I believe that orgasms are the closest thing we
humans get, to touch the face of God

... while eating feeds the body, it has some sort of tangible
immediate gratification mechanism, that we get adddicted to.

... so eat, drink and be mary, for tommorow, you know what


2010 by zentara