the lesbro's

... I'm running into a new type of male, now a day,
called the lesbro

... it's a male, who thinks he's a female, yet still
prefers a female sex partner

... a common joke now, is a man went to apply for a job,
and was asked his sex, he said he was lesbian

... a male lesbian?... well lets analyze this :-)

... a lesbro is a male physically, but thinks on the
other side of the brain... the female side
... he loves the idea of making mad passionate wild ass
love with a suitable woman, yet not to impregnate her,
but to bring her joy by giving her the ultimate orgasmic release

... a preety noble undertaking, if I say so myself ;-)

... I think all the hormone-simulator contamination
in the environment is behind alot of the feminization
of the modern male, but there are those that just see
the female point of view more appealing

... so the lesbro wants to make love to the lusty, lesbian
side of a partner, not the motherly side

... when I was first introduced to it, the Primary Directive,
the Rule #1, was that if you do it to me, i get to do it to you
... tit for tat, quid pro quo

... its all the Kama Sutra, the orgasm is the Holy Grail, isn't it?


2010 by zentara