mind, body, heart, and soul

... was listening to an NPR show on Sitting Bull, and
the talker was describing the Lakota way of seeing
man's relation to the cosmos
... it is mind, body, heart, and soul

... mind and body seem to be that part of us here in the 3d-time world,
on the material plane of existence
... the heart and soul is the connection to the bigger spirit world,
in the dream world on the spiritual plane of existence

... how small our human minds are compared to the huge cosmic existence

... but even though insignificant, we do control a small part of the
cosmic future by exercising our free will, and that gives our ego's
enough to survive on... thinking we are separate from the great conciousness

... humans are that evolutionary advance, that allows concious linking between
the material world and spiritual world... so we get the chance to reneter
the spirit world at death

... that's kindof a sunday sermon, isn't it? :-)


2010 by zentara