the meaning

...the meaning of in the material world

... the raison d'tre ... the reason to be... what is it?

... to love?.. to rule? conquer?... to live from one orgasm to the next?

... is it to learn how to transcend the earth into the happy
realms of the heavens?

... or is it to experience a magical 4d spacetime simulated
existence designed for us by God as a test of our soul's

... I think, therefore I am

... yeah, but now what?... :-|
... can thought logically comprehend itself?
... where did thought come from?
... am I contemplating my own navel?
... is there a wellspring of conciousness, out there,
somewhere in the cosmos, which we just pick up like radio receivers?

... all the philosophers of all Time still havn't figured that one out

... now, I tend toward believing in more natural spirit
gods and goddesses, who were originally designed to keep
earth in order

... but I do see the more powerful greater gods of the material cosmos,
like Rama, and Brahma

... for me, it's finding a way back to Krishnaloka
... that eternal place in heaven where there is a non-material
form of conciousness, thought heaven

... the Dali Lama says to seek happiness

... and you know, considering my miserable condition,
I am a pretty happy man

... we all have to die to get the answer, ain't that a kick in the pants


2010 by zentara