the alpha

... recently the concept of the alpha has come up into my fore-conciousness
... a Russian lady, explaining the difference between an alpha dog, and an alpha male,
(in regards to Mr. Putin of Russia)
... alpha waves, alpha particles, alpha-beta, etc.
... all floating around in my neural network processor

... now as synchronicity would predict, I have encountered an alpha dog
... this is a dog that just has to be seen to be appreciated
... and by appreciated, I mean felt... you can feel the stare
and heartbeat of this dog 100 feet away

... a huge young, male pitbull, pure muscle, maybe
100 lbs, who has the quietest most serene behavior,
... named Grizzly, the dog just stares out over his
domain, knowing that he would rule if he wasn't harnessed
down by big black leather straps and leashes

... this dog can stare you down from a long distance,
you can actually sense his eyes locking on yours, exchanging
neutrinos, this dog reads your soul

... he is sweet as a puppy though, he is only dangerous
in that he probably dosn't recognize the extent of his

... someone told me that pitbulls were originally bred
to fight and help kill the wild pigs that roam the free
unfettered lands
... pigs ain't what they used to be
... a pack of wild boars will kill people
... most dogs are either too scared of a wild boar, or is no
physical match... but not the pitbull

... now this particular dog, just sits and stares at me, from
100 feet away, sometimes from a 1 eye peeking position halfway behind
a tree

... this dog is total coolness, master of it's domain

... a little farmdog we have, allowed to run free, will
lick this alpha dog's feet, and although they play fight,
the alpha dog never hurts him, even though he could crunch
him with 1 bite

... but that is what is so cool about the alpha, you can tell,
that they are alpha, just by looking at them


2010 by zentara