the divine wind

... I had a strange dream, about a new breed of kamekaze suicide pilot, that
might appear if there was a next world war

... a space age version, where patriotic macho types, will get into 1 seat bomb tipped rockets,
and be launched into orbit, to circle, then descend upon their designated target from the
height of space.... like a cosmic hawk, swoopping in from high altitude at supersonic
speeds, aimed, by their human pilot, to a precise hit

... its a 1 way trip, no matter what the outcome
... launched with enough air for 12 hours, they circle
waiting for the command to dive in to a specified target

... and if they don't dive, they burn in a firery reentry burnup,
after they run out of air, dishonored, no medals on their wall

... but there may yet be hope for our space heros, they may have a space parachute,
one that might float you in from high altitudes...

...but these kamakazes don't get no stinking space matter what,
.... because less_parachute = more_bomb(budget cutbacks, etc ;-) )

... the divine wind is blowing today, and it whispered this to me


2010 by zentara