a cold november rain

... the heat sucking vampire winter is casting it's cape over the land
... and to make matters worse, it's sending a cold rain to suck even more heat
energy from us warm blooded mammals

... it's the great ebb and flow of the natural cycle

... cold weather is a predatory spirit, like wolves keeping
the moose herd in check, culling off the weak and old, and those
who are just not meant to be anymore

... but cold is also a sneaky predator, not directly freezing you to death in most cases,
... but weakening you thru starvation and cold-enhanced microbial attacks
... until many succumb every year

... I have been doing pretty good with my outdoor living technique
of adapting to the cold... try to get into an airtight airspace, like
a tent or box, and stay in your sleeping bag when it gets cold, eat hot
soup, wear double layers of sweat shirts, and meditate on warm thoughts,
like swimsuit models :-) ... ahh dreams... the fuel for the soul's heat engine

... yeah, but 6 of one, half dozen of the other... even in the tropics,
people feel chilly when the monsoon rains come

... we all got to die someway
... there are warm weather ways, and cold weather ways

... some people handle cold better, with some sort of cold-resistant abilities,
like better fat burning

... as a matter of fact, I think living out in cold weather is a good therapy
for people with slow fat metabolism... it rejeuvenates up the old biochemical pathways
which give our bodies energy to motivate and make heat

... monks claim you can increase your infrared emissions just by meditation

... but why fight the flow?... go with the flow....
and just succumb to the ice goddess ... falling into a deeper
and deeper and sleepier state, until the dream becomes reality, and you
leave earth, in an carriage made of ice crystal to stay in the eternal ice palace

... then you become one with the dream, it has consumed you


2010 by zentara