I love you anti

... recent announcements from state of the art physic's research
reveals that anti-matter can be created and stored now by humans

... I believe they said they created an anti-hydrogen particle,
and could store it, for a considerable length of time

... the question, now becomes, is there such a thing as an anti-matter bomb?
... a bomb that could pulverize half a continent in a blink
... by complete annihalation of conventional matter around it

... what would be the ethics of creating and even using such a thing?
... would it be a Doomsday device?... so giant that it's effects even
destroy those who deploy it?... or would it just cause global earthquakes
and systems disruptions?

... are their even more powerful ways to release energy, like thru
comparable anti-quarks, or anti-spin entities.... or even string discombobulators :-)

... aahh, but you ask, of what practical value is this speculation?
... what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?

... i wonder alot about that myself

... I think we have reached that go/no_go point in civilization development,
discussed in the equation for the probability of other intelligence life in the cosmos,
where we face self-destruction thru our own technologies. Not many civilizations


2010 by zentara