the fine print of the material world

... I was chatting with a technologist, who said he could
make me anything
... I replied:
how about a phonebooth that travels thru Time, thinking like Dr. Who

... he replied:
sure, but it would be slow, and it will run in only one Time direction

... then I realized, that although my dreams and imagination traverse Time, with ease,
the real world does not.... the flow of Time in the real world is unidirectional

... no matter where we are on earth, the Great River of Time flows
... no one escapes the next tick of the clock, the big cosmic clock,
the source of the Time Wave, the Wave the kings surf

... you can't step into the same river twice, the uniqueness of the moment

... I love winter, and the coming darkness as we ride the wave to the
winter solstice... it lets you dream more

... without the heat of the sun, it makes one concentrate on what part of
you can survive in the eternally cold depths of empty space-time... the soul

... I'm beginning to understand the aboriginal view, that the dreamworld
is the eternal reality, and our waking existence is just the dues we pay,
to be aware of, and to feel, our dreams

... Time is the least understood of all our sensory phenomena
... we know how sight, sound, smell, taste, etc. all work, but not Time
Time just puts us into a state of wonder
... putting our brains into an infinite loop

... whoever controls Time, controls it all


2010 by zentara