happy thanksgiving

... it's Time again to give the thanksgiving inspirational thinking more time(),

... first I want to say thank you to the entire universe, for giving me
the chance to incarnate materially into this 4-d space time, and for
teaching me about how the Tao flows thru it

... I make love to the universe now, thru my imagination and fantasy interface,
... I f*ck the world, and the world f*cks me
... or is it the other way around?
.... aahhhh, I finally get Duality :-)

... and thanks for giving people the right to have orgasms

... so thanks for the soft waterbed of life, for which I was given
by the grace of God, on the beautiful blue water planet

... water, water... now a life where you can experience water
is something to be truly thankful for

... yours truly,
your eternal servant,

P.S. .... could you please arrange it, that the water lines don't freeze
this year?

P.S.2 ... as a thanksgiving gift to you God, here is picture
summarizing why earth is good.


2010 by zentara