the great inferiority complex

... it seems that everyone has inferiority complexes about one thing or another
... we all are superior in one respect, but because of
the ying/yang balance of the universe,
the great duality, there is always an opposite

... pondering duality itself is almost like pondering one's
being concious of conciousness itself
.... where does it stop, and where does it end?
.....a mobius strip of eternally chasing your tail

... so anyways, superiority is the mirror opposite of inferiority
... its a cosmic law of logic...the principle of duality

... and the cosmic wisdom is don't worry about it
.... its all part of the balance of nature
... and the whole deal is just to enjoy it while you can :-)
... certain people excel at certain different things

... a quote I remember from Alan Watts is:
he who claims to knoweth the Tao, knoweth not
but one who claims to knoweth not, knows

... untangle that gordian !
... sooner or later, we all give up, and any sense of
superiority crumbles into meaningless history

.... I wouldn't win the Lombardi inspirational speech award, would I? ;-)


2010 by zentara