those the gods wish to destroy

... old wisdom: those the gods wish to destroy, they first make angry

... since demons are designed to self-destruct, by exploding ego
... you see them, they are like dead people walking... with souless looks in their eyes

... but yet demons exist, they survive amoung us, we all see them

... why?

... maybe balancing out some karmic imbalance elsewhere, in some
sort of weird "weights and balances" of the karmic universe?

... or maybe they are like white blood cells...designed to kill invaders?
... or maybe the demons will be the last souls left on this icy
world, after the rest of us have moved on toward heaven

... yeah, heaven, that mythical world of yester_yore, that
we all seek... the perfect world for us, each in our own way
... perfection, plain and simple

... just imagine that perfect, sunny breezy summer day, and
thinking I would want this forever.... but take it another step
further, and imagine a perfect world of all sorts... health, happiness,
all perfect... that is the path to heaven... or is it?

... moving our collective conciousness's toward that goal, would
be doing the will of the Tao.... and would lead to happiness

... ahhhh, but those F#*^ing demons are getting in the way

... weird, its like a test of some sort by a conciousness higher,
and more capable than mine.

... I guess if demons are possible, so are angels,
so if you are hearing this thought wave God, please send
angels, girls, and money. :-)


2010 by zentara