I'm so lonely......

.... I'm so lonely, that I'm saving up for an airplane flight,
so that I can get a free TSA patdown

... I wonder what they would do if you said to them:
would you mind if I moan?
this is the most sex I've had in ten years

... how many sex fantasies are going to be spawned by
these patdown's?... both in the travellers, and the patdown workers?

... how could you not go home at night, and not think
of that cute little thing you encountered in the patdown line?
... its like a public orgy

... can you imagine the increase in visits to the psychoanalyist?

... will it be covered under workman's compensation? :-)

... doctor, nurse, I'm having wild sex fantasies over the patdown lady,
and I just took 8 viagra :-).... what do I do?

... I can see the TV advertisements now,
our patdown ladies are all hollywood starlets and look like high school

... yeah, baby


2010 by zentara