the vision for the future

... O'Bama has to go for the gold
... what we need is a new national vision for the
future, one that all people believe is honest.

... the last president that made me feel that honesty
was in government, was Eisenhower... may he rest in heaven

... he's probably having drinks with Patton up there, wondering
when they will be asked to reincarnate again on earth, to
gear up for the big battle... the ultimate battle between souls
on the great plain of earth

... or maybe it was just that I was so young back then,
that I actually trusted my elders and those in authority
... I actually believed in the system

... as I have grown older, I have learned not to be so trusting,
yet simultaneously, I am more trusting of the universe as a whole,
realizing it is designed to produce happiness
... its the Tao

... I'm poor, but pretty happy.... its almost as if
my poverty is the source of my simplicity, which morphs
into happiness
.... happiness is gold

... maybe mr o'bama should promote happiness? :-)
... like maybe raise the food stamp monthly allocations?
... no that would cause inflation,
not only of the waistline.


2010 by zentara