seeing is believing

... on this cool autumn evening,
just preceding the big coming freeze of a South Georgia winter
... I'm wondering if the warm El Nina waters will keep pumping
the nice warm air into the lower midwest, making my winter a cakewalk,
whilst the north is buried under the snow

... the cold weather makes me think of mortality, and our
fight against the mortal forces that rule our world

... cold is an natural killer, robbing you of the heat energy
which is needed to run your life giving chemical processes,
sucking it right out of you.... into the void, the great absolute zero heatsink
.... a frozen world where even atoms don't wiggle
... it will suck all the heat you can send to it, like
an insatiable beast that psychically sucks the heat energy
out of you

but it dosn't have to be that way,
... warm clothes, plenty of sleep and bean soup,
and an ability to burn fat directly into body heat,
makes surviving winter kindof easy nowadays

... the big problem for survivalists is "will my water supply freeze?"
... its rough going thru a few months of hibernation, without
clean clothes or a shower, or (horror) drinking water
... keep alot of sweatpant/sweatshirt sets for wearing, about 10 pairs, so you
can make it 2 months without washing clothes

... winter is sort of the great beast that eats human souls
... without our heated houses and heated cars, not many people would
venture out of their caves, and many would die from exposure
if forced to live in tent cities, like Haitian refugees.

... winter makes you grateful for civilization, even though
its now becoming like Babylon....

.... oh yeah baby.... there would be alot more people sleeping in sleeping bags

... so what is reality?... is it your body in 3d space?
... or are you like in the command center of your body?, sort
of in a captain's chair, telling your body what to do, and where to go?
... like the captain of a ship, the one who must go down with the ship

... one consolation for the snowed-in people up north, is that
snow is called the poorman's fertilizer, and I am pleased to have been
able to fertilize your minds, with this .. :-)


2010 by zentara