winter is coming in

... that cold damp feeling coming in strong again,
it's winter weather coming in

... but warmth, any kind of warth is all relative to
your zero point, the ambient range of temps that
makes your life viable

...i learned that camping in Alaska... staying warm
to keep your toes from freezing, is a whole different
reality from the modern warmth that allows indoorsy people
to walk around in summer clothes all year

... there actually is no such thing as cold.... what we call cold
is just an abscense of heat energy, of varying degrees, above
a point called absolute zero, where all atomic matter is
frozen... not even atoms vibrate

... it would be an interesting research project to see
if the quarks or strings, way down deep in our material structure,
still phase change, at absolute zero

... could it even be possible for us earthlings to create conditions
at or beyond absolute zero, for testing purposes?? ... I bet
Spock's TriCorder could do it. ;-)

... the legends have it, that people have the ability to generate
infrared to warm their bodies thru burning the food they eat, some
sort of metabolic increase to allow your body to generate more infrared
heat energy.... it's why the American Indians were called Red Men... they
produced alot of infrared living outdoors, and they had a reddish glow

... there are reports of monks in the Himalyas of rugged Tibet, who
could melt the snow around them, for a few feet... and I wonder
if their energy source was from beyond our known dimensions

... but for now, since I'm a practical survivalist, I must prepare
my mind for the challenge of the coming winter

... I got boots, food, clothes, and a quiet place to hibernate, what more
could a bear want?


2010 by zentara