the spin

... the spin, sometimes we forget where the spin comes from
... the big spin, the spin in the sky, the spin of the earth
and the rotation of the moon around it

... and tonight, in a few hours... the full moon

... the buzzards are cycling around thru an airspace nearby
... it must be a dear kill

... the news said there was water on the moon, in big
frozen puddles on the dark side of the moon, where even
water molecules are trapped by freezing temps

... so the moon around earth, earth around sun, sun around
core of Milky Way(home galaxy, localip address ;-) ),
... the Milky Way spiraling around in some galactic clusters for
a few levels up, and then Time seems to stop, we can see no more,
except for remnants of the mathematical space they inhabited, or
we created in our own minds.

a quote by Dostoyevsky:
Man has such a predeliction for systems and abstract deductions that
he is ready to distort the truth intentionally, he is
ready to deny the evidence of his senses
only to justify his logic.

... on a full moon evening, even thinking about that, makes my psyche spin
and think about Time.... what is it?


2010 by zentara