is this a dream or what?

I was listening to a story on NPR radio, about "out-of-body" experiences
by jet fighter pilots; who, while going thru increased G force turns,
would go into a dream state. A state where they would be sitting on their wings,
looking back at themselves in the cockpit. Many crashes occurred. :-(

Subsequent centrifuge lab testing revealed episodes of one floating behind oneself,
while walking down a corridor.

Made me think. Am I currently in some sort of psychic dream? Oscillating,
between parallel planes of reality, in what we term 21rst century earth?

Do you think any entity above our plane of existence uses the A.D. system
of time keeping? Well, maybe if Jesus really was the son of a ufo crewman,
and his advanced alien father is coming back to avenge, but I doubt it. :-)

Cosmic Time must be kept in larger terms, than we, as humans can understand.
Something like the eternally long rotation of some far distant portal of
dimensional mass.... which acts like a wellspring of water for our life energies.

It reminds me of the song lyric, about a fountain, not made by the hands of man.

I think I should tap into that, the eternal conciousness


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